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How to theme a room using Navy Colours

By Anita Farmer July 14, 2021

Navy colours have become more popular over recent years. It's a very versatile colour and bring an air of sophistication to a room. Through different uses of the various shades of navy you can move from elegance to vibrant fun. It also blends well with lots of colours and contrasts well against others.

Here are 4 great ways you can use navy home decor to create the blue room you are after:

1. Wall Paint

The easiest way to create the most striking navy look is to paint the walls. It doesn't have to be every wall so you can just choose a single feature wall to bring the navy colour to the room. You can then style the room with furniture that complements the colour scheme



2. Sofa
Another way to decorate a living room in navy blue is to use feature pieces such as a sofa. Whilst not as dramatic as painting the walls, the sofa is often the largest furniture item in a room so it will make the statement you are looking for



3. Wall Art
An alternative way to bring navy colours into a room is to use navy themed art on the walls. This is a subtle way to bring in a hint of the colour you're aiming for without dominating the space



4. Room Accessories and Details
Rugs, curtains, lampshades and other smaller pieces are another way to add a navy element into your space without overwhelming your colour scheme. The trick is to find elements that complement and contrast one another using different shades of navy that help bring the room together



Here are some examples of Navy Artworks:


Blue and Bronze Trio Canvas Print




Navy Agate Canvas Print



Blue Flowers Canvas Print




Blue Flowers Canvas Print


More Wall Art

If you're stuck for inspiration, view our Navy Art collection here for a variety of designs

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