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How Wall Art Can Affect Your Mental Health

By Kerry Gaul July 14, 2021

Art has the power to uplift, engage and change the feel of an entire room. Whether you’re looking to decorate a new space by adding a complementary piece, or add a splash of bold and vibrant colour to a space that needs a breath of fresh air - having artwork in your home has many positive benefits. Among many of the benefits, one big reason to add artwork to your home is that it positively affects our mental health. Mental health has become an increasingly discussed issue in today's society and lots of people are now taking note and becoming more aware of their own and those around them.

There are numerous benefits art can have on our mental health so we have listed a few below to get you started:

  • Lifts mood

Viewing art can make us feel a range of positive emotions, particularly if we have an emotional connection to the design. That is why choosing the right piece of art for you is very important. You want to feel lifted everytime you look at it. You want it to enhance the aura of the space it’s situated within. As a result, each time you walk into the room you will begin to appreciate the positive benefits wall art can have

  • Increases brain efficiency and stimulates the brain

Decorating your room with wall art is likely to enhance focus and concentration. This is because usually when we buy items for the home, we buy things that we think are attractive and appealing to us. This intensifies our focus and concentration, and in addition our satisfaction with our purchase and what it looks/feels like in our home. Having art on our walls also increases brain power. Brain mapping experiments by neurobiologists have shown that viewing art can trigger a surge of dopamine (otherwise known as the feel good chemical) resulting in feelings of intense pleasure. What’s not to love about that!

  • Promotes feelings of happiness

Having a space you can be proud of really makes you feel good and boosts your confidence, especially when you have visitors in your home. Refreshing a space with a statement piece of wall art is sure to promote that ‘brand new’ feeling and really makes you want to show the room off. This can work wonders on our mental health

  • Reduces anxiety and depression

A messy and cluttered space can make us feel anxious which is certainly not something we want to experience when we are in the comfort of our home. Ideally you need this space to provide you with a safe and relaxing place to be yourself and to process your thoughts and emotions from each day. By cleaning, organising and refreshing your space, you are inviting more positive feelings in and therefore reducing any negatives

  • Decreases stress levels

Numerous studies have shown that creating and viewing art can be an amazing stress reliever. When we look at art that is appealing to us we feel much more relaxed and calm. Plus if your home looks good… it feels good!

  • Helps with self expression

Choosing a piece of art for your space can be quite a tricky task. You want to select something that feels right to you and sparks a connection. Therefore, when browsing for art you are likely to gravitate towards designs that make you feel something. Whether it’s an abstract masterpiece or a simple but beautiful quote, picking a piece of art that relates to you helps you to express yourself in your home and makes it feel that little bit more you. This is called self expression. It has been proven that artistic self expression can contribute to maintenance or reconstruction of a positive identity. You don’t just want to hang a piece of art up for the sake of it, or to fill space. You want it to add something to your life. You want it to have that feel-good feeling, and showcase something that represents you and a little bit of your personality. Focus on what you love and what’s meaningful. Then everytime you look at the piece of art you’ll be reminded of these things and it will reinforce all the positive feelings you have about yourself. Win Win!


    Hopefully those key points have given you an insight into how wall art can benefit your mental health. A peaceful mind is essential to a peaceful life, and that is why the space we choose to surround ourselves with is so important. How the space is decorated and organised also influences how we feel. You may have heard of feng shui - a chinese practice that focuses on creating a sense of balance and harmony within a room and the individual sharing the environment. It’s the way the room makes you feel and how the items you choose and their positions within the room flow. The goal is to invite positive chi into your home. Essentially what it boils down to is simply put..increasing the good vibes. A well organised room encourages us to relax, and good home decor has been shown to encourage a healthy effect on the mind. 

    With all that said, you should be buying art for your walls in no time at all! Happy shopping

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