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Inviting Abstract Art into your space

By Kerry Gaul April 29, 2024

There are lots of benefits to displaying a piece of abstract art in your home. The main one being its ability to stimulate creativity and imagination. Viewing an abstract piece of art triggers particular thought patterns at higher-level areas of the brain.

Each piece of abstract art will have a different interpretation and meaning for each individial viewer. Therefore, the experience is completely personal. How you interpret the piece of art and what you take from it could be very different to what someone else might. 

Abstract art sits within a unique place with regards to visual processing. Visual information is usually represented by real world objects whereas abstract art leaves the brain open to interpretation as to what it actually sees.

However, some may say that abstract art is difficult to understand and that maybe it doesn't have a point to it at all. It is unlike most traditional art in this sense. It uses shape, colour, form and lines to create something that doesn't draw upon realistic visual references that would already be known to us. With more traditional artwork, you sort of know what it is you're looking for (on the surface)

We have complied a collection below of some of our most popular Abstract Canvas Artworks for your viewing (and hopefully shopping!) pleasure.

1. Composition 7

A famous design by Wassily Kandinsky featuring a combination of several themes. The painting is considered a masterpiece of abstract art and is renowned for its use of colour, texture and movement


2. Abstract All Over

A design by Olga Tkachyk featuring a balance of darker grey, black and blue tones alongside orange and yellow with pops of green and red hiding within. A colourful, abstract piece that's quite busy on the eye


 3. Colourful Abstract Oil Painting

If you're looking for something with a punch of vibrant colour then this colourful abstract oil painting might be the one for you. A variety of swirls of rainbow colour come together to form this bright abstract piece that will certainly make a statement in your space

 4. Abstract Colour Explosion

Another bold and colourful design, this time showcasing an explosion of colour from the centre of the design. Starting out with lighter yellow and orange tones migrating into red pink and purple and then some outer shades of darker purple and blue. A journey of colour that will draw all the attention required

5. Vibrant Navy Marble 

A stunning navy blue and golden toned design that almost resemble flashes of lightening (well that's what we see anyway!). A great abstract piece to display in the home with a luxury feel to it

 6. Abstract Forest

A nature inspired piece featuring trees in autumnal colours and a burst of green. If you're looking to add a touch of the outdoors to your space, but in a subtle kind of abstract way, then this is certainly one way to do that

 7. Fog

A modern design of grey and bronze tones that will update your spaces abstract vibes. It's quite simplistic but contemporary and stylish. It says a lot without saying a lot (if that makes any sense to you haha!)



8. Colourful Nature

A beautiful piece of art inviting nature to join your space in its own abstract way. Pretty brush strokes of colour mix together to create this palette knife piece that has all the texture and style you could need


9. Brown Abstract

A messy design of brown and orange tones with a white paint splash overlay. On first glance, this piece of art looks busy and chaotic. Once you start to break it down you can see the various elements that combine to produce this lovely piece


10. Black And White Abstract

A simple black and white theme. If you're looking for some modern and minimalist then this design may be the one for you. A white background with black and grey tones over the top. What do you see when you look at this? Showcase it against a darker wall to allow the white background to really stand out.


See anything you fancy? Open your space up to an abstract piece of art today and be inspired to find new meaning each time you look at it

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