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How To Create Your Own Gallery Wall

By Kerry Gaul July 14, 2021

Creating your own gallery wall can be a very fun creative project that also has the ability to transform your space. 

Whether you keep it simple and choose to group together a few complementary pictures, or use a large variety of contrasting images - it's bound to look great once it's finished and can provide a talking point for any visitors (that we're sure will be eager to go home and create their own gallery wall!)



So here's a couple of ways to create your own gallery wall to get you started:

  • Pick a couple of images around the same theme and colour palette and hang them next to each other


    • Choose a small number of designs but mix up the styles and frame colours. This can give a gallery wall a more 'random' sort of look but as long as you are choosing artwork that has some sort of meaning to you, you can't go wrong

    • Go all out with the full themed gallery wall making sure that the designs have a common link and there are similar colours or themes between them

      With all of that in mind, you now need to start browsing. One other thing to bear in mind is that you can choose to style gallery walls as canvases, framed art prints or art poster prints. Or how about a mixture of all three. The choice is up to you. In order to go for canvases you'd need quite a large space depending on the sizes of the canvases you opt for. With framed prints, you can choose the same frame colours and sizes or different. You can also play around with the positioning until you find a layout that works for you. We hope the images we've included give you a few ideas. Alternatively, you can select art poster prints for your gallery which usually come printed on gloss or matte paper, and are sometimes printed with an even white border all the way around the design. Please refer to the specific print specifications before buying to clarify this. These can either go straight on the wall or you can frame them yourself at home.

      Plenty of options for you to think about - so what are you waiting for? Get started today and browse our range of canvases, framed art prints, and art poster prints. You'll soon have your very own gallery wall that you can sit back and admire. Additionally, for an extra special personal touch, why not use some family photos of your own and mix these in with other pieces of artwork and quotes to create something entirely unique

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